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5 tips for searching a new office

Your business is always evolving. That is often a good sign. You grow, can hire more people and look for new opportunities to maintain or perhaps expand this growth. In another case, downscaling may be necessary. You hope to keep as many employees as possible and to look positively to the future as well.

Thanks to the corona crisis, working from home has become more populair, as a result of which the average occupation at the office has decreased. So are you growing out of your jacket as a company, or has that jacket become far too wide? It is important to have an environment that suits the situation at that moment, but can also last for a number of years.

Are you looking for a new accommodation for you and your employees or do you want to completely renovate the current office? We are happy to give you some tips on what to keep in mind during your search.

1. Ensure good accessibility

It’s a no-brainer, but we’ll call it that anyway… Working from home has made private and work never so close. People experience comfort and luxury from the home situation. If you are looking for a new home for your business, make sure it is as close as possible. A location with a good connection to public transport can also help. Colleagues should still like to come to the office and not see bears on the road, such as a long commute. Because working from home without being stuck in traffic, you get used to it quickly.


2. The home situation at the office

The luxury of home at the office, how do I achieve that? A frequently asked question. The answer is often not too difficult. Your employees should associate coming to the office with job satisfaction. Colleagues are seeing each other more and more online these days, so the environment where people meet must be inviting. Lounge areas, coffee corners, game rooms; if you are looking for a new office, check whether there is enough space to imitate the home situation. And more!


3. So many people so many wishes

The decision to move into a new office naturally rests with the management. And you can never do it right with everyone. Too far away, on a busy road, too boring; it is sometimes a thankless task to make big decisions. To remove some of this dissatisfaction, you can involve the employees in the process. For example, have them write down their wishes. If you can take this into account when looking for a new office, it will make the atmosphere in the office a lot more pleasant.


4. Look ahead

A new environment must be designed for the future. And that can be interpreted in two ways. A company that is growing has to take into account extra workplaces, larger meeting rooms and spaces that will allow employees to come to work with pleasure. People have become quite attached to space. Personal space (1.5 meters), but also space to work quietly. Furnishing an office for the future can also mean attracting new, young people who enjoy working for you. In this way, looking ahead has a double charge. A new office and a new environment can make a positive contribution to this.

Hygiene is also part of looking ahead, which we have learned over the past year and a half. An office that is equipped for the future has good air treatment, sufficient facilities for washing hands and clean workplaces. Lunch at your computer? That must be a thing of the past.

5. A beautiful open door

The eye wants something too. Right, an open door, but not less important. A new office must be beautiful, appeal to people’s taste and radiate positivity and possibilities. An open door, you might say. We say that instead of (literally) an open door, you can also work a lot with glass. This way you get transparency and space in no time! Have you found the perfect space and are you brimming with ideas? Share them with your employees so that it comes to life with them too.

Have you found the right office, but don’t know where to start? At iL Office we are happy to help you on your way to more and to beautiful! We can work with you to ensure that the design and office furnishings suit all your needs. A new environment, future-proof, modern and above all a feast for the eyes; We like to think along with you.