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City Side

The development and construction of Rivierstaete, located on the outskirts of the Rivierenbuurt in Amsterdam, started in the late sixties. With eight storeys, 27,700 m2 of office space and 357 parking spaces, Rivierstaete was the largest office building in Europe when it was completed in 1973. Over the years it was home to countless companies, including General Electric and American Express.

In the last century, the architect of the Rotterdammer Maaskant (1907-1977) building was considered one of the most important architects of the post-war reconstruction era of the Netherlands.

Rivierstaete is rightfully called a landmark. For almost half a century, this enormous building has claimed a prominent spot between houses and the Amstel river.

The redevelopment of Rivierstaete by Vastint is a very ambitious project. It is a design by MVSA architects. The technologically advanced and perfectly streamlined designs by Roberto Meyer are an important source of inspiration; the American avant-garde from the sixties. The completion level of the building is extraordinarily high in terms of both quality and sustainability: a very efficient Energy Label A and the BREEAM sustainability ambition Very Good.

The design for the entrance hall of Cityside was achieved over the course of a short but intense design process. Developer Vastint got iL Office involved with the design for the entrance area, with ‘business hot spot’ being the main point of departure.

The dynamic design of the building and the movement of users stimulated iL Office to use powerful visual language for the interior that closely matches the buildings. All the BREEAM requirements were met.

The reception desk and coffee bar have been compactly combined below the several storeys high loft. This creates a visual connection between the social heart in the centre of the building and the office areas, stimulating the interaction between working and relaxing within the building.