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Cluse sells watches and jewellery that represent elegance and minimalism, with a clear brand identity. A company that focuses on the new internet generation, also called generation Z or the iGeneration. A young company with many young talents and a strong brand feel.

After its time as a startup in the Riekerhaven area, Cluse selected an industrial office building on the Danzigerkade in the harbour area of Amsterdam west. The concept of ‘Urban Chic’ gave plenty of reason to find a balance between those two worlds. On the one hand, the luxurious and elegant appeal of its jewellery. On the other hand, the rugged simplicity of the building. By using simple graphic shapes in Cluse’s recognisable colours, a sense of unity was created that brought perfect balance to the design.

Semi-transparent units were used on strategic spots in the open floor spaces. The units can be closed off with transparent and/or opaque curtains. These curtains do not just improve the acoustics; they also add a personal touch. They are open work areas with different applications that stimulate meeting and/or interaction between employees.