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Van Doorne

Prior to the start of the project, Van Doorne described a clear goal regarding the renovation of its office: Design and realise a full upgrade of the public area to a multifunctional, inspiring, and productive work and living environment with a high level of ambition. The core values for the design that were mentioned were engaged, connecting, down to earth, sharp.

The goal of the design was creating a symbiosis between the end user and the building. That is why light basic colours were chosen, creating a friendly entrance and reception area, while still connected to, and using, shapes from the building’s existing architecture. By applying various lines, materials, and through the varied use of colours, a natural routing is created as that also facilitates a smooth transition from the outdoor area to the indoor area.

The interaction of the lines in the floor make the room seem smaller optically, creating dimensions that are more human and more personal. The use of ‘ton sur ton’ colours softens the architecture.

Through the interplay of the lines in the carpet, both a literal and figurative connection is created on the office floors. A friendly and cosy touch to the business-like interior.

The public ‘social heart’ area was developed to stimulate spontaneous meetings and exercise among the employees. It contributes to personal contact and exchange of knowledge. The employees are proud of the work environment, increasing the ownership and engagement of the employees.

The transition area that was formerly the hallway between the entrance and the restaurant has become a fully fledged lounge area. Healthy nutrition with a salad bar, water tap, and tea bar contribute to the well-being of the employees. The espresso bar with a Barista coffee machine adds an extra dimension that makes you feel immediately at home.