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Visma I Raet

At Visma I Raet, sustainability is of paramount importance and we have taken this into account in the interior design. Natural and CO2-neutrally produced materials have been used as much as possible. Existing furniture has been refurbished and reused for the office design.

The restaurant has turned into a nice meeting place. A place for lunch, but also for consultations and presentations can be given. By placing units with different working methods in the restaurant, it has become a multi-functional workplace. The staircase has been completely reupholstered and has been given a connecting factor between the floors by working with clear signings.

The large open plan offices were no longer sufficient, there were many complaints about noise pollution. By means of project zones, we have divided the office floors into smaller zones at strategic locations, always marked with acoustic elements. The formal character of the existing interior had to be given a boost. The use of birch plywood gives a soft look to the large office floors. The acoustic cabinets divide the floor so that there is more peace of mind for both teams, less inconvenience from each other when walking to the coffee or to the toilet. Cabinets have been added to the acoustic elements to increase the team’s recognisability.