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Design & build for people

iL Office is the expert when it comes to designing and fitting out offices that work. We arrange the entire process for a new company location or the refurbishing of an existing work environment.

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Working Apart Together

Closing the office was an understandable choice, but since the measures due to the corona crisis remain in place for the time being, the time has come for more imagination and intelligence. What can be done? So how can people return to work at the office and possibly receive clients? In the ‘one and a half meter economy’ a lot more is possible than today, but a whole lot less than in the past.

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Design & build for people

We will take care of everything for you and provide you with an office that perfectly matches your company’s wishes. You will have a regular contact person, so communication is quick and personal.

A selection of our clients

I like to compare a good office space with a tailor-made suit. It fits like a glove and looks fantastic, making you feel confident. A good office space has the same effect for me.

Iwan de Leeuw
Founder of iL Office