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Are you looking for a suitable concept and design for a new office space? iL Office advises on all aspects of a new office.

Well begun is half done. That is especially true for a complex project such as a company moving to a new office that has to be fitted out. Many decisions have to be made in just a short amount of time. Decisions that can have a big impact on the budget, the process, and the quality of the end result.

iL Office helps you to make the right choices for your new office. We advise on all aspects of finding a new workplace, from selecting potential commercial properties to inspiring suggestions for the complete office fit-out.

The client’s perspective
In order to be able to give the right advise to an organisation on the design and interior design of an office, we look at it from the client’s perspective. What type of organisation is it, what is the image they wish to convey, what are the functional and space requirements, what kind of design would suit this, and what is the experience the client envisions? Based on this information, we create a concept layout with recommendations on décor and fit-out.

Naturally, we also take care of the design and realisation of the project.

"Thanks to iL Office, we now have a place that we can be truly proud of."
Jasper Maarschalkerweerd
Communications manager at PortingXS

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