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Are you looking for a suitable concept and design for a new office space? iL Office advises on all aspects of a new office.

Workplace designs
A living room tells you a lot about the people who live there. The same is true for an office space. The way the workspace looks says something about the organisation’s identity but also about the people who work there. We design and realise functional and inspiring work environments where people feel at home.

Find the right style
The designers at iL Office translate your wishes and requirements for your new workplace into an office design that works. It starts with analysing the office building we will be fitting out. We also look for the character and style of the organisation. During our kick-off session, we aim to find the perfect client profile. iL Office has developed its own user research to do so. With components such as inspirational sessions, visual material, and reference visits, we work with the client(s) to find out which look perfectly matches the company.

From concept to design
When the direction is clear, we get started with a preliminary suggestion. This is when the design becomes concrete. It is not just about the layout and functionality, but also about the ambience, colours, materials, and shapes. Step by step, we work with the client to select a décor and appearance for the office. We show examples of the materials to make it tangible.

Complete interior design plan with 3D visualisation
Now it is time for our interior designers to create a complete plan for the office interior. 3D visualisations bring the space to life, enabling you to feel what the layout and fit-out will mean for you and your organisation.

Based on these realistic impressions, we come up with a final design. It will include things like lighting, routing, or connections within the building. If the design is approved, we move onto the next phase: realisation.

"iL Office translated our wishes into an exciting design."
Sjoerd van Berkel
Directeur FitForMe

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