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The future of work is now

You have an office, but you don’t really feel at home anymore. There is a desk and chairs, but there is a lack on inspiration. A place that feels like coming home, where you can enjoy working and where your creativity is stimulated. Simply because you know that this is good for you, your customers and your employees.

The future of work is about connecting. Connecting people with each other, the organization, the office environment, the spaces and technology. What layout of your office is needed to ensure that connection? And what do these spaces look like? We are experts in office furnishing and making connections. For now and in the future.

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Consult & Advice

We create offices that fit the building, the people, and the company culture. An ideal workplace is a place where people feel at home. A pleasant work environment offers space to meet, work together, and concentrate on heavier thinking. Dynamic workplaces allow people to work where and when they want. With the office as the beating heart of your organization, where work culture and brand values are tangible.  No boring, stuffy offices, but inspiring spaces where you enjoy working. We provide advice on the number of square meters, plan of action, and which accommodation is the best fit.

Custom design

Our team consists of professional architects and interior designers who passionately translate your wishes and needs into an office that suits your organization. They look at the character of the building and the style of the organization. This custom design involves layout and functionality and the people, the atmosphere, the colors, and materials.

Inspiration workshop
Following the consultation, we will make a mood board that fits your wishes.

You will receive a sketch design which we will develop further together into a final design.

3d design
We translate the sketch into a digital design to bring your idea to life.


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Realization and aftercare

When the final design is ready, we hand the project over to the Project Manager. The Project management team will ensure to perform the design plan from A to Z. You will liaise with a contact person and regular progress meetings.
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When the transformation of the office is final, the project is finally delivered, and you can immediately start working in the new office.

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Sustain ability

In all projects, we are aware of our impact on the environment. During the design phase, we always look for sustainable solutions such as recycled materials and the reuse of furniture.

Our BREEAM expert provides advice on the certification of buildings according to the standard. Even in rented buildings with a BREEAM certificate, you meet the obligations. We design the facility within the mandatory frameworks and help provide the evidence.