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Retain young talent with a trendy office

The youth has the future! Rejuvenation of the staff may also be a good option for your company. With working online and all the technology that comes with it, you have to grow with the spirit of the times. Prepare your office for the future with the fresh look of young talent who has mastered contemporary technology. But beware, attracting the new generation may not be too difficult, keeping it all the more.

Millennials, Youngsters, Generation Y; employees born between 1985 and 2000 increasingly determine the image within a company. Moreover, it is a generation that wants to make a difference and make a positive contribution to a company and corporate culture. Financial satisfaction is no longer the decisive motive for choosing a job. Environment, freedom and atmosphere; this way you keep your twenties and thirties on board. If they are not happy somewhere, they will simply continue their job hopping.

Work and private life are one

An important condition for these young people to survive in a workplace is flexibility, which has taught us recently. Working from home has never been so connected to work and private life. Not a problem for the young generation, as long as they are given the space to go to a festival or to plan a day at the beach when the weather is nice. They don’t mind sacrificing working an evening or a weekend to meet a deadline at all. If a company adopts a flexible attitude, this has a positive effect on productivity. But will you never see this “new” employee appear at the office at all?

It is precisely this last question where iL Office comes into play. The dull, boring office furnishings of yesteryear no longer suffice to attract the younger generation. What do they want? A place to be productive, to meet and to get together. Space, light, coffee corners, table tennis tables; in short, a place where everyone feels at home. It is important to be in contact with others, as the corona period taught us that. Now is the time to make the office the place that all colleagues are drawn to.

Looking for a new dynamic?

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Alleen op deze manier is het mogelijk om werknemers te behouden. En zeker niet alleen de jongere generatie. Ook ‘oudere’ werknemers willen graag met de tijd mee en interesseren zich voor jonge, frisse ideeën. Nee, het saaie kantoor is passé. Het betekent het creëren van een hippe omgeving die meer uitstraalt dan alleen werken. Het organiseren van uitjes of borrels op kantoor, samen lunchen en de mogelijkheid om te relaxen. Het komt niet alleen de sfeer, maar zeker ook de dynamiek en de creativiteit ten goede.

Met de ideeën en de kennis van iL Office kan je ervoor zorgen dat de kantoor inrichting helemaal voldoet aan de eisen van jouw werknemers. Wil je verjongen? Dan is het belangrijk om voor jouw bedrijf met een hippe, frisse blik naar de toekomst te kijken. En eerlijk is eerlijk, dat gaat gemakkelijker vanuit het kantoor dat op diezelfde toekomst is ingericht