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Roadmap for a company relocation

Are you planning to relocate your company soon? That is not surprising. About 20,000 to 30,000 companies move every year. A company relocation involves a lot of stress and coordination. In any case, you will be well prepared by using our business relocation roadmap. Read on to find out what you should pay attention to during a business relocation.

Tip: It is good to decide in advance whether you are going to arrange the move yourself or whether you are going to outsource this. Outsourcing the move can save you a lot of stress and time. It will not differ much in terms of costs. Please contact us to get an indication of the costs.

The scenario consists of 4 parts:


  • Choosing a suitable business space;
  • Furnishing the new business space;
  • What you should pay attention to during the move;
  • Which legal aspects you have to take into account.

Choosing a suitable business space

Looking for a new office? Then you should pay attention to the following points:


  • Appoint a project coordinator for the company relocation;
  • Location: is the new building easily accessible and also big enough for the company?
  • Inventory: What facilities does the new location offer, such as: electricity, air conditioning, sun blinds, security, fire safety and sanitation;
  • Financial aspects: What will be the new rent and do you pay it per month, quarter or per year? Also take into account the additional costs such as service costs.

Furnishing the new business space

Consider which facilities are currently available at the office and what you think you will need in the future. Does the office need to be refurbished or do you take the current furniture with you to the new building?


  • Need new stuff? (think of: desks, cabinets, storage space, printers, telephones, monitors, etc.)
  • Replace floor covering?
  • Lighting good?
  • Window coverings present / necessary?
  • Need a safe / available?
  • Check electricity / cabling
  • Furnish conference room
  • Items for the dishes and kitchen (such as crockery, coffee machine, kettle, dishwasher)
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Telephone and IT in order? (think of the number of telephone lines, servers, internet network)
  • Intercom available / necessary?

Are you going for a new office layout? Consider a circular office design.

What should you pay attention to during the move

The relocation involves a lot of planning and organizing. That is why it is important to appoint a project coordinator for keeping track of progress down to the last detail.


  • Terminate your tenancy agreement on time to avoid having to pay rent when you have already left.
  • Make arrangements with a moving company
  • Have a plan made
  • What are you taking with you?
  • When to pack?
  • Do you move everything at once or does this happen per department?
  • Who is helping?
  • Relocation instructions for the staff
  • Inform the neighbors of the new building and the old building about the move, so that you prevent them from experiencing nuisance from your move.
  • Is there lunch available during the move?
  • Create contact list (in case something goes wrong)
  • Coding moving boxes
  • Check if there is any damage after the move
  • Collect moving boxes and hand them over to the moving company
  • Submit a new list of telephone numbers (new premises)
  • Evaluation of the move

Which legal aspects should you take into account

When renting a new space you always have a rental contract. It is of course important to read it carefully to see whether all conditions have been properly communicated here, but it is also important to reapply for all your permits (if you have one or more) as they only apply for the old location. When the move has been completed, it is important that you report this to the Chamber of Commerce, municipality, tax authorities, bank and, not unimportantly, all your customers and suppliers.
It is also possible to insure your move. This will insure yourself against any damage you may incur during the move.

Roadmap for your business relocation

Are you considering a move with your company? Please feel free to contact iL-Office to discuss what we can do for you during your move.