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Tips to set up the office as efficiently as possible;

easier said than done.

Creative, flexible, modern. These are terms that you often encounter in a company today. Not surprising, because these terms are completely in line with the era. The current way of working is largely determined by online and adaptability. Many colleagues work from home, but thanks to technology they are closer than ever. An office, and in particular the interior, must also be set up for this. Office furnishing must keep pace with the flexibility and efficiency of modern working. But how? It’s easier said than done, but with the necessary tips we can help your company a step in the right direction.

Tip 1: Feeling at home at work

With current technology, employees hardly feel the need to come to the office. Working from home means no more traveling time and working in the luxury and convenience of your private life. You can also realize this “home feeling” at the office. It will increase productivity and colleagues will happily return to the office. The luxury of home combined with all the advantages of the office. This should not be underestimated, for example during meetings or online calls. As an office you can and have to respond to this.

Empty places that arise because of the many home workers is a shame. We do not want to call it capital destruction, however, because there are many options for reusing and efficiently using this “vacancy”. For example, small cells can be made from several workplaces, which, with a nod to the past, creates call booths with sufficient privacy. As an office, you can go back in time in a modern way. You provide the opportunity to make online calls in peace, without the risk of children storming in. Moreover, these private cells can be equipped with all conveniences with the current technical possibilities.

Tip 2: Look at the need

What is important in such changes is to look at the needs. What do employees ask for and what is important for them and makes them come to the office more often. A solution that is often chosen is a lounge area, where colleagues meet, but where meetings can also be held and is even set up for the Friday drinks; talking about efficiency. They are spaces where colleagues can meet comfortably, but where you can also receive customers.

We call them agile workplaces. It is the workplace of the future, where colleagues have the freedom to work where and how they want. This freedom of choice has an effect on the desire to work, on the inspiration and on the pleasure of working. Every day the same desk, the same view and the same way of working, it creates a kind of grind that is not desirable within a company. Agile working is also ideal for employees who want to do certain activities in silence. The flexibility of an agile office provides the dynamism needed to make employees feel at home in the office.

Tip 3: Office as a source of inspiration

We’ve already talked about the agile office as an inspiring idea. We are going one step further in this process. The office as a source of inspiration for pleasant working. It’s the little things that matter, but are oh so important. Here are a few examples:


  • Bring greenery into the office, bring the outside in. Apart from the oxygen that plants give off, it gives an extra atmosphere to the room.
  • Boring walls? Not anymore. Turn a central wall into a bomb of inspiration. Hang up personal photos, nice emails from satisfied customers and all plans that can help your company further.
  • The best coffee. Still quite important, because where are better ideas to come up than around the coffee machine? Now is the time to convert the lunch spot in the office into a true coffee corner. A place where people like to come to share and to inspire each other.
  • Make meeting places a source of inspiration through professional literature and books. For example, let the employees bring their favorite “page turner”. This way, home comes a little closer to the office!

Get to know the possibilities now

Now is the time to furnish the office with the design that suits the situation your company is in at the moment. With a view to the future, combined with the wishes of your employees, you can turn the office into a place where you can work, meet and make online calls in peace and quiet. iL Office has years of experience in creating and developing ideas that are efficient, practical and completely contemporary. Contact us and let yourself be surprised.