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Sometimes it’s the little things that count.

What is happiness at work?

Employees who come to the office happy. This determines the atmosphere within your company, but also promotes operational management. A happy employee is willing to work longer, harder and share his or her (work) happiness with colleagues’. Work is in brackets there, because the influence of happiness doesn’t applies only on the situation at work but also provides a happy private situation.

Happiness at work is difficult to measure. Because, what makes one happy, doesn’t work for everyone. A survey conducted by Kien Research (commissioned by recruitment agency Hays) asked about 1,100 Dutch professionals what they think about various factors that influence job satisfaction. This shows that pleasure and atmosphere at work are the most important reasons for employee satisfaction.

Also stated in the research is that the level of the salary and the work-life balance partly determine the satisfaction with the work. Men often put practical considerations in their top 5, such as salary level and job challenge. Women, on the other hand, find their happiness at work more in the social aspects. Nice colleagues and a pleasant cooperation with the manager.

A nice environment

This can be explained in two ways. First, there are the people who are be dealt with. Not only direct colleagues on the work floor, but also managers, customers, representatives, cleaners; they all contribute to a pleasant environment and happiness at work.

Second, there is also the physical environment where the work is performed. Important, because with the current “working from home” people are getting used to the luxury of home (including the coffee from home). The office furnishing could be adapted to that luxury, or the convenience of home. But how do you do that?

Adjusting this layout can be done in all kinds of ways and your employees can think along about this. In this way they keep their happiness at work in their own hands. Employees should associate coming to the office with job satisfaction. Because people see each other a lot online, the environment where they meet must be inviting. Create lounge areas, coffee corners or even game rooms for this. So provide places where colleagues can meet and where you can organize joint lunches and after work drinks.

Health is also important. Provide sufficient fresh air, make spaces light and open, create good acoustics with simple solutions and do you have green fingers? Plants in the office are healthy and they look nice too!

At iL Office we know exactly what you need.

Better coffee than a car

When choosing a new job, various factors are taken into account. Secondary employment conditions play an important role for many. Training opportunities, bonus schemes or sufficient vacation days are high on the list. But also a company phone and good coffee are mentioned. There you have it. There are employees who are happier with good coffee than with a company car.

It’s all of this time; In search of happiness at work, the younger generations hop from job to job. You like to keep these fortune seekers on board, because there is a lot of (new) knowledge among these millennials and youngsters. It is also a generation that wants to make a difference and make a positive contribution to a company and a corporate culture.

Increase happiness at work

We would like to give you a few more tips to promote happiness at work in the office.

Make the work meaningful

Encourage your employees to get the very best out of themselves (and colleagues). See where someone’s strengths lie and focus on that. Everyone is happy to get results.


How wonderful it is when the development opportunities you offer are seized with both hands. Provide good guidance and give employees freedom in their work. Simple coaching and good feedback are important for growth, both personally and professionally.


Open and transparent

Within an open corporate culture there is room for personal input and development. Employees get more heart for the team and dare to say more, be more honest and help each other. However, this will only work if management shares this vision.

Openness and transparency can also be created by using glass in the office. Open spaces with glass walls can create a culture shift on the workfloor.

iL Office and Nolost

Without luck no one will survive. We are happy to think along about how the design of your office can promote happiness at work. In order to create the right balance, we often work with Nolost. They are always looking for happiness at work and do so in a humane way. If an employee is happy and is in the right place in the organization, happiness will come naturally.
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