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Which working conditions rules must a workplace comply with?

Most people spend about a third of their time at work every day. It is therefore important that the layout of the workplace (workplace) complies with the safety and health requirements set for this.
Questions such as,

  • What requirements must a workplace comply with according to the rules of the health and safety?
  • What are the requirements and guidelines for a working conditions workplace?

Are briefly explained in this article. The working conditions have drawn up a number of rules so that employees can work healthily and safely.

A workplace according to the health and safety guidelines

Employees can suffer health problems if the workplaces are not set up correctly. Employers are obliged to provide a good workplace for every employee within the organization, whether at the office or at home. You can think of the health and safety requirements for an office chair and the height of a desk, but daylight also plays a major role.


All employees need enough daylight. This is important to be able to properly perform various activities, but enough daylight is also important for our body. Daylight stimulates our body to various processes in our body that are important to be able to do your job properly and to be healthy. Daylight is good for everyone, but can also sometimes be annoying while working. For example, when sunlight reflects off a computer screen and you cannot do your job properly.

  • Enough sun protection. When a lot of work is done with computer screens, the employer must provide enough sun protection such as tinted glass, sun shades or blinds.
  • Screens should be parallel to the window with the viewing direction. In this way, employees do not look into the light or the light does not fall on their screen.
  • Sufficient (day) light overall

The office chair

The chair that employees have to sit on all day must also comply with health and safety rules. One of those rules is that the chair must be on the floor with five or more points. It is also important that the employee can adjust the armrest, seat and backrest himself. There are a number of dimensions that the chair must technically comply with. For example, the seat height and seat depth of a chair must be adjustable and there are requirements with regard to the seat surface and the backrest.

The desk

Just like the office chair, a desk also has a number of health and safety requirements. Most importantly, the desk is adjustable in height. Everybody is different and so the desk can be adjusted per person.

Totally ideal, and emerging, are the “sit-stand desks”. These are desks that can be easily adjusted, in the sitting or standing position. This way you can easily alternate this to work as ergonomically as possible.


In addition to the above points, there are many more working conditions rules for workplaces. If the occupational health and safety requirements are not met during a labor inspection, a fine can be imposed on the organization. These fines are included in a fine report. The points must be adjusted at the next labor inspection. If this is not the case, the fine will be increased. If those points are still just adjusted according to the health and safety standards, an official report is drawn up by the labor inspectorate and an even higher fine follows.
It is therefore very important for an organization that the health and safety rules are complied with. This saves a lot of hassle and problems in the future and ensures more job satisfaction for employees.


Anyone who spends a long time in front of a computer must exercise enough. So take plenty of breaks and do stretching exercises, walk or switch your workplace, if possible to a standing workplace.


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