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You determine the balance in the office yourself!

Many empty workplaces, limited (online) contact between colleagues, working in the cloud. The current time is characterized by the high degree of flexibility and creativity that companies must have. The office as it was will, without doubt, not return. But what about the colleagues? Shouldn’t they be able to see each other? No matter how fun, easy and flexible working from home is, the best ideas are created at the office. The office is a place where you make real contact with your colleagues. Now is the time to turn the office back into the magnet that all colleagues are drawn to.


Is working from home a keeper?

We think so. But that does not alter the fact that the office will soon no longer exist. The office will be given a different function and perhaps become more important than ever. In addition to their normal work, colleagues will use the office for meetings and perhaps more importantly, for mutual contact. It is expected that 3 to 4 office working days will soon be alternated with 1 to 2 days working from home. For a company, this means quite a change in staffing. Do I still need that many square meters? Do meeting rooms need to be added? These are clear questions about office design that you should think about as a company.

Studies show that working from home has a positive effect on productivity. No longer stuck in traffic jams to the office and being able to divide the time flexibly is experienced as very pleasant. Although, there is the lack of colleagues and in some cases the lack of involvement and direction. It is up to the company to find the right balance here. A good and safe basis to promote working from home in combination with an office as a fixed point for gathering and meeting. In this way, the old office becomes the social center for inspiration, sharing knowledge and celebrating successes!


So many people, so many wishes

It’s time to look at the future of your office. And who knows better what the staff want than the staff themselves. A small survey among colleagues can already provide a lot of clarity about what the workplace of the future must meet. Not everyone has the same expectations of working from home and what is needed in the office to function optimally can also differ. It is sensible as a company to involve employees in this process. Happiness at work is the common thread here, because what is more important than staff who are happy to work and who like to come to the office to share this job satisfaction with colleagues.



Zo efficiënt mogelijk met de beschikbare ruimte omgaan kan op meerdere manieren. Als eerste kan je kijken hoe je de ruimte waarin al gewerkt wordt optimaal kunt benutten. Bijvoorbeeld meerdere werkplekken inleveren om een vergaderruimte te maken. Een grote centrale ruimte creëren om de samenkomst van collega’s te bevorderen of meerdere kleine werkruimtes voor flexplekken of belplekken; het zijn zomaar een aantal opties die je kunt overwegen.

Daarnaast kan je ook één groot kantoor opsplitsen in een hoofdkantoor en meerdere dependances, die een afspiegeling zijn van het hoofdkantoor. Bijvoorbeeld wanneer je uit je jasje groeit als bedrijf. Belangrijk is hierbij dat deze kleinschalige kantoren de huisstijl en de kantoorformule nastreven, zodat iedere collega zich er direct ‘thuis’ voelt. Het is de ideale combinatie. Het werk zit dicht(er) bij huis en de collega’s hebben toch nog contact met elkaar. En als de kantoor inrichting op het hoofdkantoor zich leent om met alle collega’s de hoogtepunten te vieren, wat wil je dan nog meer?


Back to the office!

As you can see, there are plenty of options to make the interior of the office attractive. Making a choice in this regard is difficult, because what best suits the soul and core values of your company? For years we have seen the strength of the office as a magnet for employees. We will work with you to ensure that the design and layout meet your wishes and the wishes of the employees. A new environment provides new opportunities and can be the start of a bright future.